"120 Days" captures an intimate, inside look at the lives of one family of undocumented immigrants who have been living and working in the United States illegally for over twelve years.

This film documents Miguel’s last official “120 days” in the United States, as he works hard, saves his money, and weighs his options about returning to Mexico alone, or changing his name and disappearing into another U.S. city illegally to keep his family together.

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120 Days Movie by Ted Roach
120 Days Movie by Ted Roach

Available Worldwide Video-On-Demand
Premiered October 2, 2015 | All major platforms

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"120 Days is a ‘Must See’ Brilliant, Absorbing Film"

Sarah Adamson, SarahsBackstagePass.com

"Roach gets astonishingly close to Cortes and his family"

Dan Lybarger, The Pitch

"Not only should 120 Days be required viewing for every American — and most especially those who view the world through the Fox News lens — but this film is also a powerful teaching tool that would help the next generation of young Americans better understand the immigration debate from a middle ground uncolored by polarizing media spin."

Sezin Koehler, HuffPost

"120 Days throws an affecting spotlight on the personal side of immigration"

Brent Simon, Los Angeles Film Critics Association




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